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Pharmaceutical Air Handling Unit Manufacturer in Kenya

We are leading energy-saving device is introduced into the air-handling unit (AHU). Due to increases in energy costs, energy saving devices or systems have become the new preferred trend in tropical countries. A primary cooling coil system is incorporated into Pharmaceutical Air Handling Unit in Kenya to recycle the condensate water in order to achieve energy savings. The warm outside fresh air is drawn through the primary cooling coil to recover the latent heat of condensate water. The large temperature gradient between the warm fresh air and condensate water enlarges the Quantity of energy recovered. This system is well applicable to primary AHU which serves primary air to the air-conditioning system. The cost of installing the device is negligible but in returning long-term saving. The idea generation is discussed in the introduction. Shows the detailed theoretical study of the development of the energy saving system. This shows the viability of the idea. Lastly, the conclusion of the whole study is presented. We are instrumental in offering Pharmaceutical Air Handling Unit Manufacturer in Kenya, which helps in the production of pharma products. This equipment is used to distribute dehumidified dry air.
Features of Pharmaceutical Air Handling Unit:
Constructed using high component grade material
Sizing units designed to meet specific project criteria in terms of weight issues and limited available space
Specially designed aluminum extrusions form a joining framework, providing superior strength to the structure
Comes in custom built unit layout and component spacing
Constructed using high component grade material
Comes with welded structural-steel base
On-site assembling of units helps in eliminating the transport damages
The option of removable panels
Features double-sloped drain tray (optional triple-sloped
Accessible door handles & hinges
Coils with copper tubes and aluminum fins (optional copper fins)
Features double-sloped drain tray (optional triple-sloped)
Coils with copper tubes and aluminum fins (optional copper fins)
Low noise levels.

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Manufacturer of Air Handling Unit in Kenya.

  • pharmaceutical-air-handling-unit-manufacturer-in-kenya

  • pharmaceutical-air-handling-unit-manufacturer-in-kenya

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